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Effectively supporting you to fulfill your true potential  to be the mom or dad you would love to be.

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Your Dilemmas?

Your Dilemma?

Do you sometimes feel unsure of yourself as a parent or even question your parenting style?


Do you feel rather disorganized or overwhelmed as a parent yet longing to live based on your own core values?


Do you wonder about disciplining your child in a way in which you yourself are comfortable?


Do you long for a strong and deep relationship with your child?


Are you battling to get your child motivated to handle things you feel they should be able to?


Does your child seem addicted to digital devices, TV, video games, the media’s influences?


Do your children seem to be going through unexplained moods or emotional outbursts?


Is your child repeatedly lying to you?


Is your answer YES to any of the above? Any other dilemma? I invite you to read on!

How My Parent Coaching Can Help You

How I Can Help You

What is Parent Coaching

Parent coaching is a supportive and very effective way to help moms/dads come up with practical, long term solutions to parenting challenges. As a parent coach, I help you get in touch with, know and use your strengths and talents as a parent to your best ability. I help you attain your highest desires for your children.

How does parent coaching work?

I provide the space for your strengths and values to serve as the platform and spring -board for positive change. I help you clarify for yourself the changes you want to make for your family– so that together, we can co-create the steps necessary to make goals important to you a reality and also develop strategies for maintaining what you achieve.

Living in today’s world can make parenting more complicated and demanding. I help you strengthen and attain skills, strategies and perspectives that best meet your child(ren)’s developmental needs as well as support you to be a confident, consistent and contented parent.

How long does it take?

It typically takes a minimum of 8 weekly sessions for lasting results; a vital commitment for the family dynamics you want.

Is parent coaching like therapy?

No, Parent coaching is not like therapy. Our focus is on your present situation to help you achieve the positive changes you want for your family.

What will parent coaching
be like?

I offer a non - judgemental, supportive, safe, confidential and deeply empowering space in which I help you work through and address the specific challenges you are experiencing with your child(ren).

By the end of your coaching, your relationship with your child will be thriving and the challenge you previously faced will be safely behind you! You will also feel so much better, positive and self-assured in your parental role. And you will have reconnected with your playful, fun side so you can enjoy parenting more.

The Parent Behind the Parent Coaching

How I work.


Welcome and hello!


As your parent coach it is my privilege to start together with you wherever you may be at in your parenting journey, uncertainty/mistakes and all else. In my empathetic and non-judgmental way, I listen to, hear and work to understand your unique and specific parenting challenges/struggles as you experience them. We establish what you would love for your child in light of what really has meaning for you and map out ways forward for your specific situation and style that are simple and do-able for you while being highly effective. This is especially important as a one size fits all parenting approach may not work well given that each child is unique. I am respectful of the fact that you have everything within you to be the parent you want to be and of your knowledge of your child. I also value and love to work with your parental instincts. You get to experience yourself as the parent you yourself would love to be with a really great version of your child you love and value having.


Warm and professional, you will find my sessions to be a very positive experience.


Coaching helps parents bridge the gap between all the good knowledge they


have, their all-important parental instincts and the putting of these into practice. This is especially important in the busy and fast paced era in which we find ourselves. We may also be overloaded and sometimes overwhelmed with information and technology. And so, seeking assistance for this is very much a strength rather than a weakness.


About me.


As a mother of two, a boy and girl, I am well experienced both as a professionally qualified full time working parent as well as a stay at home parent. I began my career in the financial sector and subsequently worked in a number of roles (hold an MBA – Leeds, UK ).


I have always had a very keen interest in families and along the way, immersed myself in various courses, wide and varied reading as well as experiences on how best to provide children with a happy and fulfilled childhood.


Over time, I have had a deep passion for sharing the knowledge and experience gained over the years with fellow parents to create a positive and happier world for our children. I am now thrilled to be pursuing my dream of working with parents as a PCI Certified Parent Coach® having completed the graduate-level Parent Coach Certification® Training Program through Seattle Pacific University and Parent Coaching Institute. I have been granted Parent Coach Certification®. 

I thoroughly enjoy coaching parents. It gives me much joy helping parents go from feeling downhearted at the beginning of coaching to feelings of confidence and hope by the end of my coaching! I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with a wide range of parents.


I thus invite you to get in touch for a brief no obligation conversation to establish how I can support you. I would be delighted to work with you towards the joy and fulfilment of your children as well as your parental self.


Further to this, given that we are preparing our children now for various roles/positions/entrepreneurial ventures of the future, many not yet in existence, it is worth having our parenting in tip-top shape now rather than later!

"With a soft voice, deep listening, and thoughtful questioning, Fiona powerfully guides parents to successfully resolve their challenges. Her keen ability to adapt to the unique needs of individual families brings out the best in everyone.  Fiona is an extraordinarily gifted parent coach--warm, centred, and attentive. She will help you craft your ideal life with your children by applying your strengths to gain fresh approaches, and a whole lot of new ideas. You will look forward to each and every coaching session with Fiona!"

Gloria DeGaetano, Founder/Director, Parent Coaching Institute

The Parent Behind the Parent Coaching


"Frustrated and tired of battling for hours with my 4 year old every bed time, as well as a host of other issues, I was worn down and often exhausted. 


I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started my sessions with Fiona but I quickly realised I had made a great decision. Fiona’s patient affirming attitude helped me to understand and appreciate what I was doing well. I got to understand the root cause of issues and therefore how to tackle them in a way that suited me. 


My relationship with my children is visibly better.  I feel much calmer. My 4 year old told me an elaborate detailed story about his day at nursery (including plans to camp outside with his friend) which was previously unheard of.  


Very highly recommended."


Stella, Mother of 4 year old and 2 year old.


"It has been a privilege and wonderful experience having Fiona as my Parent Coach. She has a kind, gentle and knowing way about her. She never chastises only encourages and supports you with her words, insights and suggestions. I would highly recommend her to any parent I know who is struggling to connect with their child and is seeking a better understanding and relationship with them."


Shenaaz, Mother of 18 year old, 15 year old and 10 year old

“I had difficulty managing the rebellious and antagonistic behaviour of my teenager and generally felt defeated and drained. Having worked with Fiona, I now find that what I request of my teenager comes through and comes through faster. More importantly we look forward to being together. Fiona handles the sessions in an easy, light and very professional manner. It is very clear that she enjoys her work and therefore makes the sessions enjoyable. She enables you realise that you actually have the ability to achieve whatever it is that got you into coaching.”



Olivia, mother of 16 year old and 14 year old

"I sought out Fiona as a parent coach because I wanted strategies on how to effectively deal with the challenges of parenting while being a better and loving mother to my 6 year old son.


We came up with a simple parenting plan that was easy to implement and has made a huge improvement in my son’s behaviour. My son and I are on a whole new path and I am absolutely enjoying it.

Fiona  stayed positive and focused on what I was doing right. Her smart and non-judgmental approach helped us tackle the challenges I was facing with my son. I feel much more confident now after this parent coaching with Fiona. For any parent out there struggling and uncertain, I am confident that Fiona will give you the tools and strategies to strengthen your parenting powers!"

Harriet, Mother of 6 year old


"I've really been refreshed in this process; Fiona has been gentle and patient. I was able to share and be vulnerable without being judged or rejected. I had felt confused, unfocused, a bit discouraged. She created a space for me to process my parenting challenges without feeling overwhelmed.

I was able to change the way I approach things. I have a sense of pride for my responsibility as a Mom: I am doing this, I can do this and I am loving it. I now feel more organised have better perspective with Greater awareness of the needs of my tribe and more equipped to create spaces for them to BE."

Prajna, Mother of 8 year old and 3 year old


"I came to coaching because I had been feeling stuck in life with my children. We had been through some challenging times and I was finding it difficult to find my way out………..I am now better able to handle the challenges in stride and would whole heartedly recommend working with Fiona as a coach."

Dawn, Mother of 16 year old and 13 year old

" I am a mom of 2 young kids and I always felt that I was messing up and felt I was on a  battleground, I desired well-rounded kids who would become amazing human beings one day...

 I met with Fiona signed up and never looked back! I've overcome my guilt and have tons of insightful examples on how I can achieve my goal to raise my kids to be well rounded, grounded and be amazing beings....

During our sessions Fiona enabled me connect with my children on a meaningful level, not just give orders! I saw how I can give them responsibility and I watched them thrive and transform in front of my very eyes.... 

 I always knew TV Time (excessive) was detrimental but never understood to what extent; research (Fiona shared) gave me the fright of my life, I came into these sessions hoping to improve on my mothering skills….I've grown not only as a mum BUT as a woman.... 

All avenues we take in life are always trial an error, BUT we cannot leave parenting as a BY-Chance matter.... Coaching is beneficial to those who don't have issues, as well as those who have.

I would recommend Fiona’s coaching to all PARENTS!"


Shafeeqah, Mother of 7 year old and 5 year old

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